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IWN Creative Director Paid Internship in Chicago, IL USA – An Excellent Opportunity!

Hi, My name is Nina Milos. I am a graduate student at Warwick University at Coventry United Kingdom, and a candidate for a Master Degree in Global Media and Communication. In my home country in Belgrade, the United States has a Summer Work Travel program for students like me. The program encourages students to obtain a J-1 Visa and then work as an intern at a company in the USA.

The Summer Work Travel program is a great opportunity and I want to take part in this exciting program. I already have an summer Paid Internship job offer from Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc (IWN). in Chicago, Illinois USA to become the IWN Creative Director.

At IWN I will help produce 2nd Annual Chicago International Blog Awards ceremony and other projects such as Chicago International WP Expo taking place at McCormick Place in August 2012.

Chicago Experience Will Help Me FInd a Job When I Graduate Warwick University in January 2013

But I must hurry and secure my J-1 Visa and obtain a USA Sponsor and a sending Agent in Belgrade to complete the paperwork for my J-1 Visa. The cost of this is $3,750 USD. I am seeking support pay for the costs to get the J-1 Visa and go to Chicago.

The job at IWN starts July 1, 2012 and ends August 31, 2012. After the paid internship ends I will return to Warwick University to continue my graduate work and plan to obtain my Masters Degree in Global Media and Communication in January 2013.

Please support my goal to work in the USA through the Summer Work Travel Program. I will gain valuable experience and also get paid for my work and I can use this experience to help me find a job after I graduate.

Help Me and Receive Cool Perks I Make Just For You!

As I mentioned the cost for my fees is 3,750,00 us dollars. Part of it will go for Agency to secure my J-1 Visa (2.450,00 us dollars), while other part will go for airplane ticket from Belgrade to Chicago. Ticket to Chicago is very expensive, and I cannot purchase it before I get my visa. Also, I can apply for visa 30 days before leaving. So, the ticket should be bought after receiving visa, which is too late, and price of ticket is very high, around 1.300,00 US dollars.

In return, I can give you interesting PERKS. Some of them are:

  • Nice souvenir from London, capital of Europe, and
  • Homey package of Serbian delicious food. (http://vimeo.com/31642347)
  • Moreover, there are special DVD editions from my internship trip,
  • Quality posters,
  • Writing recordings (Photo Book)
  • And more!

In addition, if the funds do not reach entire goal, it will go to sending agent or ticket to Chicago, depending on amount of attained goal.

The Impact of Your Support Will Inspire My Friends and Other Students

If You support this internship to happen, it will encourage many of my friends to go and search for international internship, to be part of it, or to encourage them to support other person, who is planing to go work abroad. It will make a personal and global contribution to students seeking paid internships around the world.

Above Video is Sample of My Work

Furthermore, video which was shown above reflects my desire to creatively say that I need Your support, and shows my desire and ability to do offered job of Creative Director for IWN in Chicago, IL USA.

Other Ways You Can Help Support Nina’s Summer Work Travel Paid Internship in Chicago

If you can not contribute as a financial supporter, please help get the word out about my campaign. Use the IndieGoGo.com share tools. Also you can:

Thank you for your support and consideration in helping me!