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IWN Seeking Youth Ages 16-24 for Paid Internships in Chicago

High School Students Apply for Paid Internships in Chicago
Seeking 5 High School Students to Apply for Paid Internships in Chicago

High School Students Apply Today!

If you are a high school student seeking a paid internship with an hourly rate of $7.75 then apply below for a job with Internet Webpages Newspaper. Simply send an email using the form below.

Types of Jobs Available – What Do You Want to Do?

There are a list of positions available. but even if you do not see anything you qualify for, you can still apply and state what you would like to do. As CEO and founder of IWN I will personally create a specific opportunity for you that meets your skillset and desires if possible.


Edmund Dantés Hamilton
CEO and Founder
Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc.
CEO Direct Email:
Call My Office: +1 (312) 281-4884

IWN Internship Fund Contact Form

IWN Internship Fund would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

IWN Partners with White House and US Dept of Labor

Internet Webpages Newspaper, a print, online and event company located in downtown Chicago, IL USA, was noted in a May 2, 2012 official White House / U.S. Department of Labor press release for creating up to 30 paid internships for college students and disaffected youth. Providing Experience that Pays for Qualified Students College students with… Continue Reading