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Internet Webpages Newspaper (IWN) Internship Fund

IWN Internship Fund is a private initiative to parlay “crowd funding” into creating part-time, minimum wage paid internship jobs for college students with a 3.0 GPA. IWN Internship Fund creates jobs for IWN opportunities only.

IWN Internship Fund does not fund internships for students who wish to work for other companies or receive a grant or scholarship at this time. However, in the future this will be possible.

Help Fund Paid Internships – CrowdFund an IWN Intern Today!

Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc (IWN), is using the power of crowd-funding to hire and pay deserving college students. Here’s how the project works:

  1. Students must maintain a 3.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA).
  2. Priority is given to enrolled students, but recent graduates are encouraged to apply.
  3. Jobs are posted on and websites.
  4. Paid Internships average about 120-160 hours, or 10 hours per week over 12-16 weeks (generally a semester period). However, some can be longer or even full time.
  5. Students can work other jobs in addition to having a Paid Internship with IWN.
  6. Generally, all positions are part-time, flexible hours (day, night, weekends, holidays). Again, some may become full time.
  7. IWN is based in downtown Chicago, IL USA in the central business district near State and Washington Streets.
  8. Crowdfunding pledges average about $1,500, depending on number of hours (120-160 hours)
  9. Paid Interns receive a minimum wage hourly rate to start. In Illinois that rate is $8.25 per hour.
  10. Funds raised go toward paying IWN Interns 100% of amount raised. The only fees deducted are PayPal fees (reserve hold, transaction fee, etc).
  11. Interns are paid using a local Chicago area web-based, payroll services provider and are actual employees of IWN.

For more information contact us.

How To Apply for Paid Internships with IWN

Paid Internships are offered online at select colleges and universities in the Chicagoland area. Students seeking a paid internship who attend college in another state within USA can apply online here:

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